After-School Program

After-School Program

SHIELD – Before & After School Activities


 Come hang out with your friends and join the fun!  Click HERE to visit our SHIELD Website.

SHIELD is our before / afterschool program that every CPM student is eligible to join, for free. We offer academic support, athletics, and enrichment activities every day for our SHIELD program students. Every student will have an academic opportunity period each day to complete ACHIEVE 3000 articles and homework. All students in our program will be provided a supper from the cafeteria every day.  Parents just need to fill out an enrollment form, and your student is immediately enrolled.

The SHIELD program provides the following activities:

Before School   (6:45 am – 8:15 am) – 

Game Room, Computer Lab, Courts (Basketball), Field (Soccer and Football), Link Crew/Leadership, Video Production and  Softball

After School(3:15 pm– 6:15 pm) –

Game Room, Rock Band, Basketball, Cheer, Football, Dance, Soccer, Robotics, Wrestling, Volleyball, Video Production and Softball

Any questions you may have regarding the SHIELD(Before/After School Program), please feel free to contact us.

Alex Sandoval Jr.
ASES Program Coordinator
Phone: (619) 498-6050 or (619) 498-6040