Accelerated Reader (AR) and AR Home Connect

Accelerated Reader (AR) and AR Home Connect

Accelerated Reader Program  (AR) at CPM and AR Home Connect

At Castle Park Middle School, Accelerated Reader (AR) is an important part of the instructional program.  Every student will participate in AR with the expectation that they will be improved readers by the end of the school year.  AR will take place during extended learning time (ELT) but students are expected to read outside of class as well.  Books that are AR approved have a quiz and are in the student’s reading zone.  You can check your child’s AR progress online using Home Connect.  Simply use your student’s AR log in information to gain access.  You can also request an e-mail message be sent to you each time your student takes a quiz.

CPM has increased their participation in AR from 23% in August to 58%.  Thank you all for your support.  Please continue to encourage students to read daily and to pass tests with 85% accuracy.

AR is designed to help students improve their reading skills and have fun too!  Students are tested at the beginning and end of the school year to check their reading levels.  Students then select AR books in their reading level and take a computerized quizzes once they finish their books.  Each student has a six week reading goal that is part of their English grade.

CPM has access to over 100,000 quizzes assuring students a wide selection of reading materials at all levels.  The most reading growth  occurs when students read within their tested reading zone.  Contact your child’s English teacher if you would like additional information about your child’s reading level.

For more AR information click here.

Our goal: is to #1 in the district!