Academic Intervention

Academic Support & Interventions

At Castle Park Middle School, we have high standards for all students. For some students barriers exist that interfere in their success.  We believe individual intervention is the very best way to eliminate these barriers and prepare them for their future.

At Castle Park Middle we have developed a group of programs that attack the problems that interfere in the success of our students.  All students are held accountable to our standards so that success is the only option.
Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you.

Contact Information

Attendance/GTM Coordinator:
Nohemi Cueva (619) 498-5558


AEC Specialist:
Linette Ponce (619) 498-5559


Intervention Specialist:
Arthur Tovar (619) 498-6076


Literacy Specialist:
Pearl Nevarez (619) 498-5561


PM O Room Specialist:
Joel Parrish (619) 498-5516