Registration and Attendance

From the Attendance Office. . .

Tardy Policy: School starts at 8:15 am. Students should be in class by 8:10. Students arriving late without a note or telephone call to the office will be assigned a lunch detention the same day. Students who do not serve lunch detention will be assigned O-Room afterschool the same day.

Off Campus Permit: Students are to bring a note from the parent/guardian to the attendance office on the day of the requested early release. This note needs to specify the following: 1) reason for leaving early, 2) time of release, 3) name of person picking the student up (picture ID will be requested) or permission for the student to walk/ride bike.

Absences: Parent/Guardian must call the attendance office (498.6000) on the morning of an absence. If the absence is not excused, the parent will receive an automated call between 5:00 – 9:00pm notifying them that the student was absent and reminding them of the need to excuse the absence. A signed blue slip, available from the attendance office, or a note will also excuse, but not clear the absence. Absences can only be cleared by attending Saturday school.

Perfect Attendance: Perfect attendance is important and provides a competitive edge when seeking college admission.

Attendance Policy 2017-2018 OK

From the Registrar. . .

Proof of Residency: Every year we are required to have current proof of residency on file for every student, new and continuing. This may be in the form of a current utility bill, mortgage statement, or rental contract and receipt. Contact the registrar at 498.6012 for more information.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application: At the time of registration, you must turn in your application for free/reduced lunch status to the cafeteria.

Moving: If you plan to move any time during the school year, contact the registrar.

New Students: Your child will need three Hepatitis B shots ands whooping cough vaccine to enter grade 7. This series takes four to six months to complete. Your child will also need a second MMR. Bring your child’s updated yellow California Immunization Record to the school office and present it to the school nurse. If you have questions, please contact our school nurse.